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Boasting what Chicago Brand UK says is the smallest swi […]

Boasting what Chicago Brand UK says is the smallest swing angle on the market, the open end ratchets feature a small head size designed to make it easier to work in tight work spots. Constructed from 17-4PH stainless steel these spanners are also perfect for, and already used in, the aerospace industry as they resist chipping and corrosion.Ratchet combination spanners have been around for a few years.

But what started out as prohibitively expensive, awkwardly bulky tools have been refined into affordable and reliable pieces of kit that can be used almost anywhere you can wield a conventional combi spanner.A selection of sizes was loaded to British Standard proof torques to rate durability, and both the open and ring ends checked for the correct size.designs can be problematic on fasteners positioned close to obstructions. Next we checked the ratchets. These should be as fine as possible, but free moving in the non-load direction.

Otherwise the drag of the mechanisms can tighten the fastener being loosened, or vice versa.And once you take the plunge and buy a set, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Putting the speed and ease of a ratchet into a tool as versatile as a combination spanner often means both your conventional spanners, and sockets, can become semi-retired. So which is the one for your tool box? We took eight for a spin.Users increase productivity and work faster by keeping the spanner engaged with the fastener then using like a regular ratchet. 

The jaw uses an interactive grip that increases with force plus they do not damage the heads of nuts and bolts. Unlike other open end ratchet spanners requiring 60 degrees to operate, the Chicago Brand design means that users require half this to make the fastener turn.Professionals in the engineering, automotive, joinery, and construction industries can also benefit from the time saving design of the open end ratchet spanner. Exclusively supplied in the UK and Europe by Chicago Brand UK these spanners are available in both metric and imperial sizes and are covered with a lifetime guarantee.

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