What's in the senior friend's toolbox? The first to detect the tire, the last one to repair the car artifact


Many senior motorcycle enthusiasts may have their own t […]

Many senior motorcycle enthusiasts may have their own toolbox, because they don’t bother to repair the car when they have any problems with the locomotive. Instead, they do their own repairs. After all, there is also a way to repair your own car. Not the same feeling. For some long-distance riders, locomotive damage is definitely a common problem. At this time, you need to master some basic maintenance skills, but you can't use enough skills. You must also have some necessary skills. Tools, and a toolbox is a common choice for some senior friends. What tools are there in the senior friend's toolbox? Next, I will introduce you to everyone.

The first one is the tire pressure gauge, which is an artifact for detecting tires. It is standard in many Moyou toolboxes. When this artifact is not out, many senior fans and many non-introduction friends have tire pressure. The detection methods are the same, just feel the hand when you squeeze the tires twice, but this method is far from accurate. For long-distance riding, a little problem will be enlarged to affect the riding. Feeling and the safety of people's lives. But if you use this artifact to test, you can give more accurate data, make sure that you really understand your locomotive, and you will not find the problem when you are halfway through, but you can't remedy it, causing some irreparable damage.

Then there is the socket wrench. In the home of senior friends, there must be several socket wrenches that are often used. Otherwise, even if you have more than one locomotive, others will not agree with you. Like some special commonly used socket wrenches, the riders should already be equipped, such as adjusting the sleeve of the chain. Although adjusting the chain is not difficult, it is not too easy to have a smooth tool. Some Mo friends even have a complete set of socket wrenches. This is a real senior rider. Almost all common locomotive problems can be done by yourself. This thing is best for everyone to have their own set, because the socket wrench is still a common thing, you can not use it to go to the neighbor's house.

Then there is something that is optional, but if even such a thing is equipped with a friend, then you are absolutely very fond of the locomotive. It is a container specially designed for picking up used oil. Some fans will be equipped with a small bowl, such as a stainless steel bowl, and the height is just right. It is not always possible to let the discarded oil flow to the ground every time, and make it all over the floor, not only badly cleaned, but also beautiful. If even your home is equipped with this item, then you must have been interested in the locomotive for a long time.

The last one is the motorcycle parking bracket, which is called a car repair artifact. When you repair the locomotive yourself, the locomotive can't be lifted up, it will be easy to dump, which will bring a lot of trouble to the repair. At this time, you need a bracket to make the locomotive vacant. A lot of repair work can be carried out more conveniently when the locomotive is empty. I believe that the fans who have repaired the locomotive themselves have a deep understanding.

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