How many kilometers does a car need to travel four wheels? The maintenance master said a number, after reading or can understand


In recent years, the automotive industry has developed […]

In recent years, the automotive industry has developed very fast, and gradually the car has become a means of transportation for a large number of people. After all, it is not difficult to get a driver's license. With a driver's license, they all drive on the road. Then many people in the car maintenance are still flawed. They all feel that they are safe to drive the car. They have already protected the car without any accident. In fact, this is wrong. In terms of car maintenance, it is very important to maintain the car tires. In addition to the usual four-wheel positioning, it is also very important to have a four-wheel shift. If you do not change the four-wheel position at any time, there will be safety hazards over time. So how many kilometers does the car need to travel four miles? The maintenance master said a number, after reading or can understand.

Usually, the owners think that there is nothing to maintain the tires. It is very wrong to change the tires when the tires are worn out. This is very wrong. We know that in the car for a long time, the tire will have a deviation, and can not keep straight, then we often do four-wheel positioning. The four tires will travel straight in one direction, but after a long time, they will tilt in a certain direction, so there will be different wear in different parts. At this time, we need to change the tires, that is, Prevent the tire from being too thin, resulting in a puncture.

Then, for different models, the four-wheel shifting position is different. The front and rear-drive vehicles are generally diagonally crossed. Generally, the shifting position is the left front wheel and the right rear wheel, and the right front wheel is followed by the left rear wheel. Bit. The four-wheel drive is not the same, just change the position before and after. This can effectively prevent the tire from puncture due to too much wear.

How long does it take for the tire to change position? The maintenance master said: The new tires usually have to change the tires when driving 10,000 kilometers, and the old tires should be exchanged between 5,000 and 10,000. It is. And after the transposition, you have to do four wheel alignment. If irregular tires are changed, when the tires become thinner and thinner, a puncture will be triggered. Such losses cannot be estimated. Therefore, for their own safety, it is necessary to change tires frequently and often do maintenance.