Dedicated smart turbo trainer bike


We were inspired to offer this roundup of the best smar […]

We were inspired to offer this roundup of the best smart flywheel wrench trainer bikes by the recent phenomenon that’s seen indoor training evolve from the most universally hated thing in cycling, to one of its fastest-growing sectors. This is a phenomenon that’s largely due to the rise of some truly innovative smart turbo trainers. Long gone are the days of the computrainer that was locked into its own software; now there are smart trainers across a range of price points, designed to work with training apps.

These trainers can react to virtual changes in the road surface and gradient to help you hit finite power targets, so you get the most out of your time pedalling nowhere.At the top of the price scale, we are now seeing a new breed of smart bikes. These are not the typical spin bikes you'll find at the local gym, which use friction brakes to create resistance and feel like you're pedalling a square wheel. The latest crop of smart bikes use built-in power meters to measure output along with powerful magnets to provide ultra-realistic ride quality and resistance. Some even tilt to simulate changes in gradient when using apps like Zwift or FulGaz.At the front.

Tacx has added dual fans that can be aimed directly at your face and the airflow can be tailored to track your speed, power or heart rate should you be after a more interactive experience. While the shifters at the front look and feel a little different to the levers on your bike, the Neo Smart Bike supports virtual shifting. You can customise the gear ratios in the companion app and a built-in display shows you which virtual cog you are spinning in addition to metrics like speed, heart rate and power. 

The bike sees a standard saddle and bars, meaning these can be customised depending on your personal preference and all the fit adjustments can be made either with the included levers or a hex wrench. Tacx also offers the cleanest solution for adjusting the crank length, using a design similar to the flip chips used in full-suspension mountain bikes.