Do tire wrenches need to keep warm?


The cold winter has caused obstacles to people's travel […]

The cold winter has caused obstacles to people's travel activities, and machinery will become dull when encountering severe cold. How to maintain tire wrench in winter. Hardware products and hardware parts should also be exposed to the sun. It is worth noting that when installing heating equipment in the home, more consideration should be given to the complete problem of the product to avoid bloody incidents. Youxin combination cross tire wrench, quality assurance.


Mirror folding cross tyre wrench


No matter what tool is used, we must operate it in accordance with relevant regulations in order to give full play to its due role, and also have a guarantee for the safety of users. Determine the preset torque value according to the required torque value of the workpiece; when preset torque value, pull down the locking ring on the wrench handle and turn the handle at the same time to adjust the main scale line and differential scale line of the scale to the required torque value. After adjustment, loosen the locking ring and the handle will automatically lock.Install a sleeve of the corresponding specification on the square tenon of the wrench, and cover the fastener, and then slowly apply force on the handle.


When applying external force, it must be in the direction of the indicated arrow. When the tightening signal has reached the preset torque value with a click, stop adding force. One job is completed; when using a large torque wrench, a long sleeve rod can be added to save effort.If it is not used for a long time, adjust the scale line to return to the minimum torque value. The correct use of the tire wrench can fully reflect its advantages and reduce the damage to tools and screws.


The tire wrench is widely used. It consists of a long extension rod, a short extension rod, a universal joint, and sockets of various specifications; the tire wrench has multiple sockets with hexagonal or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with a handle It is composed of various accessories such as extension rods, and is especially suitable for screwing bolts or nuts with very narrow positions or deep recesses.Since there is no uniform size regulation for tire wrenches, the design of the sleeve is relatively flexible and meets the needs of the public. It can be lengthened when the work needs it. By lengthening and increasing the torque, it is convenient to reach places that are difficult to reach, and it is easier to remove some relatively tight screws.