Features of socket cross wrench


For the nut Across wrench end or the bolt end is comple […]

For the nut Across wrench end or the bolt end is completely lower than the surface to be connected, and the diameter of the recessed hole cannot be used for open-end wrenches, adjustable wrenches and torx wrenches, just use a socket wrench, in addition to the space limitation of the bolt parts, only a socket can be used wrench.A socket wrench is generally called a socket: it is composed of a plurality of sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with handles, extension rods and other accessories. It is especially suitable for very small screw positions or deep depressions.


Mirror folding cross tyre wrench


Bolts or nuts at the Sleeves are divided into metric and imperial systems. Although the inner concave shape of the sleeve is the same, the outer diameter, length, etc. are designed for the shape and size of the corresponding equipment. The country has no unified regulations, so the design of the sleeve is relatively flexible. Meet the needs of the public. Socket wrenches are generally attached with a set of socket heads of various specifications, as well as swing handles, post rods, universal joints, screw joints, elbow handles, etc., which are used to insert hexagonal nuts. The socket head of a socket wrench is a concave hexagonal cylinder; the wrench is usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel, the head of the wrench has a prescribed hardness, and the middle and handle parts are elastic.


There are two reasons for lengthening: one is to make it easier for you to reach difficult-to-reach places; the other is to lengthen the moment arm, so that you can use the same torque to be larger. It is convenient for you to remove some tight screws.The existing domestic socket wrench manufacturers are concentrated in several provinces such as Zhejiang and Shandong, and a large number of manufacturers represented by Taiwan-funded or Taiwanese companies are starting to focus on the domestic market, such as the largest domestic socket wrench Manufacturer Zhejiang Tuojin


Hardware Tools is a typical representative of the manufacturer. Leading enterprises in the industry represented by Tuojin are driving the progress and development of the entire industry. There are also some very excellent domestic manufacturers who continue to innovate and have gradually improved the technology of socket wrenches. For example, the most innovative manufacturer in China-Huafeng Jujian Tools, is involved in the surface treatment of socket wrenches. Obtained a national patent in China.