How long is the cross wrench easy to use


What Y type wrench type and type of cross wrench to use […]

What Y type wrench type and type of cross wrench to use under what circumstances has become a problem for many people. Is there any difference between what type of wrench cannot be used for ordinary people? Today we will learn how long the cross wrench is more comfortable to use.Archimedes once said: "Give me a foothold and a lever that is long enough, and I can move the earth." But while defending the ancient city of Syrah, Archimedes was using the lever against several people. The soldier who moved the stone shouted loudly.Don't use such a long lever for a short one." Why is this?


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The soldiers were stunned, how can you use a short lever? Isn't it more laborious? At this time, the king had commanded: Believe everything Archimedes said, and the soldiers had to do it dubiously, and it was more labor-saving than using a long lever. The soldiers were puzzled and prepared to ask Archimedes for advice. Unfortunately, because the castle was broken by the enemy, Archimedes had no time to explain the problem and was killed by Rome.


In ordinary research on levers, light levers are mainly used. Simply put, the weight of the lever is not calculated. Therefore, the longer the lever, the larger the power arm can be adjusted to achieve the effect of saving effort. When considering the weight of the lever itself, the situation has changed. The principle of leverage Leverage is not that the longer the length, the more energy-saving.


In real life, you need to choose a cross tire wrench with a suitable length to get started and comfortable. Generally, manufacturers will configure four models of seventeen, nineteen, twenty-one, twenty-two, and some are more flexible to design a square head with a diameter of 12.5 mm at the fourth head position. This drive head can be combined with a sleeve In use, this cross tire wrench has better flexibility when used.