How the socket wrench is used


Cross Perforated Wrench wrenches are widely used in the […]

Cross Perforated Wrench wrenches are widely used in the field of mechanical maintenance and are indispensable tools and equipment in this field. The socket wrench is used for the nut end or the bolt end to be completely lower than the connected surface, and the diameter of the concave hole cannot be used for the open end wrench or the adjustable wrench and the box wrench. Use a socket wrench. A socket wrench is generally called a socket: it is composed of a plurality of sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with handles, extension rods and other accessories.


Mirror sheathing cross type wrench


It is especially suitable for small screw positions or deep depressions. Bolts or nuts at the location.There are metric and imperial systems. Although the sleeve has the same concave shape, the outer diameter, length, etc. are designed for the shape and size of the corresponding equipment, and there is no uniform regulation. Therefore, the design of the sleeve is relatively flexible and conforms to the public. Needs. Socket wrenches are generally attached with a set of socket heads of various specifications, as well as swing handles, post rods, universal joints, screw joints, elbow handles, etc., which are used to insert hexagonal nuts.


The socket head is a concave hexagonal cylinder; the wrench is usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel, the head of the wrench has a specified hardness, and the middle and handle parts are elastic.The socket cross wrench in the prior art, such as a sliding type cross wrench, has a cross wrench rod body and a sleeve. The rod body forms a cross shape, and the sleeve is riveted or welded to the end of the rod body. This structure has the following shortcomings: only 4 sleeves can be installed on the two rod bodies. However, in actual work, more types of sleeves may be required, which may cause inconvenience; if one of the sleeves is damaged, it cannot be used.


Replacing the socket causes the wrench to be damaged and cannot be used, resulting in waste of resources.The sleeve is a cylindrical tool used to disassemble and install nuts or bolts. The inch size sleeve is increased by 1:16 inches and 1:32 inches in sequence; the metric specification sleeve is increased by 1 cm. For car owners, sleeves are needed when disassembling tires or spark plugs.When using a sleeve, remember to choose a sleeve that fits the nut or bolt completely. If a sleeve larger than the nut or bolt is used, the sleeve will easily round the head of the nut or bolt during rotation. . When disassembling relatively tight wheel bolts, if a suitable extension rod is put on the sleeve handle, the rotation torque can be increased and the wheel bolts are easier to loosen. It is important to note that if you use the sleeve handle to extend the rod when tightening the wheel bolts, remember not to use excessive force.