How to replace the oil filter


Oil filters can be grabbed by one's hands and opened if […]

Oil filters can be grabbed by one's hands and opened if possible. However, this is hindered by the presence of a coating with a thin film of oil and grease and how tightly it was fit notwithstanding. This is where a wrench comes in handy. There are special wrenches that are available for use specifically on oil filters. People can buy a sleeve-type wrench, strap wrench, chain wrench or socket wrench to aid in changing the oil.The wrenches people use are determined by the clearance around the filter. If it is too tight, a socket type filter can be used.

Wrenches made of metal are the best to use, as they T type wrench are long-handled and this aid in keeping it at level. Opening should be counter clockwise. People are advised to put on latex gloves and eye protection as it is obvious that it will be messy due to oil. The filter can now be wiped off with rags or paper towels to take off the oil film and help the wrench grab. An oil drain container should be placed under the filter to catch the draining oil once it is loose.Turn the wrench hard after putting the filter, which starts moving slowly and gets so free that you can now use the hands. As oil may start running down the filter sides, it is important to keep the oil drain container close.

As soon as the filter is off the threaded post, one should overturn it into the plastic bowl in order to drain the oil. Replace the new filter by sprinkling a few drops of oil on the rubber gasket for lubrication. Screw the filter and run it on the gasket plate. Ensure that it fits snuggly as most filters manuals recommend this. It is advisable to fill the new filter with oil before fixing it as a lot of oil is not lost while attempting to pour it with it fixed.After the successful oil change, one is supposed to inspect for wears and fix them. Oil should then be added to the engine and then letting it run just to make sure that the amount is right. Stop the engine and check the oil level, which should be as per the calibrations on the indicator.

Light colored oil is an indicator that your engine will wait a little longer for servicing. Dark oil is a red flag for servicing as it shows that the engine has not been serviced in a long time. This is fatal as it can lead to engine failure and premature wear.In cases where the filter is too tight, it can be punctured from underneath to let out the oil. The entire body is then removed using screwdrivers but care must be taken to ensure one does not puncture the gasket as well. Oil should be changed often and it is recommended that after every 3,000 miles which is equivalent to three months.