How to solve the noise of the pump and its reasons?


1. How to solve the problem of the noise of the water p […]

1. How to solve the problem of the noise of the water pump
1. Use the sound insulation cover of the water pump; the sound insulation cover can isolate the water pump and avoid sound transmission. And install a fan in the sound insulation cover to speed up the heat dissipation, and install a muffler on the inlet and outlet holes on the sound insulation cover to reduce the noise of the inlet and outlet.
2. Carry out Micro quick pump vibration reduction; first install a vibration reduction platform under the water pump to reduce pump vibration. The pipes on the pump and the inlet and outlet pipes should be elastically supported and connected by soft connections. The pipes are filled with sound-absorbing and sound-proof materials through the holes in the wall.
3. The wall and ceiling are treated with sound absorption; the thick doors and windows in the machine room are transformed into sound insulation doors and windows.
4. If an exhaust fan needs to be installed in the computer room, the exhaust fan needs to be equipped with a silencer; the wall and the top surface should be reasonably equipped with high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials, and the surface should be finished with perforated sound-absorbing panels.
2. What are the reasons for the loud noise of the water pump?
1. There are many reasons for mechanical noise. Its production often accompanies the vibration of the pump and coexists. The internal reason of the pump itself is mainly due to poor rigidity of the pump body, which constitutes a sound source when cavitation of the pump occurs; poor design rigidity of the impeller can also lead to the above results. In addition, the guide vanes used in horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, when their rigidity is not good or the cross-sectional area at the entrance of the guide vane and the thickness of the entrance edge are unreasonably matched, may cause noise caused by large vibration in the pump.
2. Another cause of mechanical noise is due to the external structure and installation problems of the pump. For example, the design of the pump base is unreasonable, the rigidity is low, and the filling concrete under the base is defective, forming a "hollow phenomenon". Furthermore, the pump and the motor are not concentric, causing the rotor to vibrate and generate noise. In short, external noise is easy to find and easy to eliminate.
3. Aerodynamic noise is mainly caused by the rotation of the fan and rotor of the motor in the air. It is mainly related to the number of fan blades and the relative speed of air flow. For water-cooled motors, this noise caused by the fan can be eliminated.
4. Electromagnetic noise is generated by the motor. Voltage instability causes electromagnetic vibration; the eccentric air gap of the rotor is not uniform, which increases the electromagnetic noise; the motor winding is faulty, causing the magnetic field to be unbalanced, causing the motor to produce a low roar; the asynchronous motor rotor has broken bars, and the motor torque is reduced. The load current is high and sometimes low, and the noise is high and sometimes low.
5. The hydraulic noise of the pump is caused by hydraulic vibration, and the noise is the smallest when the pump runs in the highest efficiency zone. This is the result of the best and reasonable values ​​of the hydraulic parameters in the hydraulic design. When deviating from the design conditions, the sound level of the noise is relatively large, and at the same time the destructiveness is very serious.