How to tighten the tire screw when the tire cross wrench is tightened


Generally, the tire wrench screws are tightened with a […]

Generally, the tire wrench screws are tightened with a torque wrench with a torque of about 100-120 N. However, there are no torque wrenches in ordinary stores or when replacing them by yourself. In this case, just take the original car tool and tighten it to the tightest with your hands. Never use your feet or body weight. Because if the tire screw is tightened too tightly, it is easy to damage the screw, and it will be troublesome for the next disassembly.


Mirror folding cross tyre wrench


Moreover, there is a principle of tightening sequence when tightening the tire screws. The tire screws should be tightened in a diagonal order, three times in order to make the tire screws evenly stressed and make the tire installation more secure. At the same time, the tire screw is not as tight as possible. If it is tightened too tightly, it will easily cause the tire thread to pull up, and even cracks, and it will be more troublesome for the next disassembly.


However, it should be as tight as possible. The problem of disassembly trouble can be solved in some ways, such as: You can pour a lubricating solvent like diesel on the screw. Or you can use the strength of your feet to increase the tightening of the nut, but don't kick it blindly and cause direct damage to the nut or bolt. It may also cause the wrench to pop up suddenly, which poses a certain safety hazard.


The tire cross wrench can be used to find the corresponding torque value according to the tire screw torque comparison table, which can ensure that the tire screw is tightened, and there is no need to worry about the impact of the tire screw being too loose or too tight on driving safety. However, the torque corresponding to different models is also different.