How to use a multipurpose wrench


General households flywheel wrench will have a toolbox, […]

General households flywheel wrench will have a toolbox, and use wrenches and pliers. When something in the house is broken or any part is loose, you can fix it by yourself, which saves the effort of going to a repair shop and has a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, people who know how to maintain some commonly used machinery and equipment are always particularly attractive, and they are really attractive when they work hard. Multi-purpose cross wrench combination brings a lot of convenience to our daily life.


Flywheel wrench rubber handle


But some are not professionals, and some tools still don't know how to use them. For example, the multi-purpose wrench, which is the most commonly used hardware equipment in the auto repair industry, is very useful for us to repair equipment in our lives. Today, I will share with you how to use the multi-purpose wrench. According to the specification of the twisted part, put the wrench head on the twisted part; select the appropriate handle according to the size of the torsion part; the handle joint must be installed stably before twisting to prevent slippage and injury; when twisting the handle The force should be steady, and the direction of the force should be perpendicular to the center axis of the torsion component.


Multi-purpose wrenches can be combined with different specifications of multi-purpose and various handles according to needs. For example, the movable handle can adjust the required moment arm, and the quick handle is used to quickly disassemble bolts and nuts. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a torque wrench to display the tightening torque. It has the characteristics of multiple functions, convenient use, safety and reliability. Multi-purpose wrenches are special wrenches made according to special requirements and should be used correctly according to requirements.


It is connected by the main plum bushes of different specifications and sizes through the female key and the male key of the hinged key. Since a plum blossom sleeve has two specifications of plum blossom-shaped through holes, it can be used for tightening screws of two specifications, which expands the scope of use and saves working time. The multi-purpose wrench needs to be contacted and applied again when using it. If the Torx multi-purpose and the handle of the wrench are deformed or cracked, stop using it. Pay attention to remove the dirt and oil in the multi-purpose at any time. When using the multi-purpose wrench, select qualified specifications Model, to slip off and hurt your hands.