How to use a spark plug wrench to remove a spark plug


The spark plug, commonly known as the fire nozzle, its […]

The spark plug, commonly known as the fire nozzle, its main function is to discharge the pulse flywheel wrench high voltage electricity sent by the high voltage wire, break the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, and generate electric sparks to ignite the mixed gas in the gas cylinder. Although the spark plug is a small part, it is extremely important. Without it, the engine will not move, which shows how important the spark plug is to the ignition system. The life of resistance spark plugs is 20,000 kilometers, the life of platinum spark plugs is 40,000 kilometers, and the life of iridium spark plugs can reach  kilometers.We usually judge whether the spark plug needs to be replaced is actually very simple.


We only need to take out the spark plug and check the color and the degree of gap. It is difficult to ignite when starting, and the vehicle is weak when driving and idling jitter is heavy. When removing the high-voltage branch line, do not grab the wire and pull it violently. You should grab the dust cover at the end of the high-voltage line and twist and remove the wire. Before disassembling the spark plug, remove the debris from the spark plug hole; before disassembling the spark plug, remove the sundries and dust from the spark plug hole.If there is dust or debris in the spark plug hole, use the mouth to blow away the dust and debris; if it is not easy to blow off, use a rag and screwdriver to remove it. Use cloth to block the spark plug hole to prevent washers, nail chips and other debris from falling into the cylinder from the spark plug hole to avoid damage to the "cylinder" and other components.


The spark plug wrench contains a rubber ring, which can be easily taken out from the engine block and installed in the spark plug. A special spark plug sleeve must be used, otherwise it will damage the insulating magnet of the spark plug and cause electric leakage!To remove the spark plug, first pull out the ignition coil. Remove the wire plug of the ignition coil and pull the bolt of the ignition coil to pull out the ignition coil. The ignition coil and the cylinder are sealed with rubber, so more force is required when pulling out. To disassemble the spark plug, prepare a wrench, a long post and a hexagon socket. Spark plugs used in automobiles are generally disassembled with a 16mm hexagon socket.Disassembly of spark plug: tool preparation.


To remove the spark plug, a wrench, a long post and a hexagon socket are required. The spark plug on the car is generally disassembled with a 16mm hexagon socket. It can be disassembled after the engine has cooled down. First clean up the dust and oil on the ignition coil and its vicinity, then unplug the harness connector of the ignition coil, and use the sleeve to unscrew the fixing bolt of the ignition coil. Pull out the ignition coil. Some models have rubber seals between the ignition coil and the cylinder block, which requires a little force when pulling out. After removing the ignition coil, use a sleeve to loosen the spark plug. After unscrewing the spark plug to be disassembled, use a thin hose to blow off the dirt around the spark plug one by one. After the spark plug is screwed out, the dirt will fall into the combustion chamber. Remove the spark plug. Insert the previously removed ignition coil into the loosened spark plug and take out the spark plug.