How to use cross wrench to improve work efficiency


The cross wrench not only helps users to easily complet […]

The cross wrench not only helps users to easily complete maintenance and processing work, but Across wrench also promotes their work efficiency to be effectively improved. When purchasing a cross wrench, users should refer to the torque value of the cross wrench in combination with their own working environment to see whether the design is reasonable and humane, whether the material meets the standardization requirements, and whether the product can improve the work efficiency to the best status. In addition, the more important point is that users should understand in detail whether the maintenance service of the cross wrench product is complete, whether its service life and suitable working range meet their own work needs, and the scope of these various considerations is also very large.


High-Grade Mirror across tire Wrench


To a certain extent, it has an inseparable relationship with the cross wrench manufacturer.The wrench tool selection method is as follows. According to the type of work, the tool is to remove and replace bolts/nuts or remove parts. It is common to use a set of socket wrenches in car repairs. If the set of socket wrenches cannot be used due to the limitation of working space, the box wrench or the open wrench can be selected in the order. Select tool sleeve according to the speed of work.The usefulness of the wrench is that it can rotate the bolt/nut without re-adjustment, which can quickly turn the bolt/nut.Determine whether to loosen, or lock the nut by pressing or unscrewing the locking screw, take out the square drive shaft for left-right reversal, install the square drive shaft locator, pull down the reaction arm locking device, and install it in the appropriate orientation.


The direction of the square axis when the reaction arm, loosening and locking work. Connect the high-pressure outlet (A) of the pump and the high-pressure inlet (H) of the hydraulic wrench, the low-pressure outlet (B) of the pump and the low-pressure inlet (R) of the hydraulic wrench with high-pressure tubing to push the hydraulic wrench. When connecting, the quick connector on the oil pipe should be inserted to the end, and then tighten the fixing nut by hand.The socket wrench can work in various ways according to the installed handle. Select the tool according to the torque. If a large torque is required for the final tightening or starting to loosen the bolt/nut, use a wrench that allows the application of a large torque.


The amount of torque that can be applied depends on the length of the wrench handle. The longer the handle, the greater the torque that can be obtained with a smaller force. If an extra-long handle is used, there is a danger of excessive torque and the bolt may break.Using solid carburizing method, the carburizing agent formula (mass fraction) is 12% BaCO3 + 43% coke + 45% charcoal. The carburizing temperature is 910~930℃, and the carburizing holding time is 3~4h. When the carburizing box is cooled to 850℃, open the lid, clamp a stack (5~6 pieces) with pliers at a time. When precooling to 780~800℃, quench the end into water, and cool to about 150℃. Then quench the other end, and finally use the residual heat in the middle to temper itself. The carburizing box can also be cooled to room temperature, and the two ends can be turned and quenched in a salt bath furnace, tempered at 240~260℃×2h, and cooled with water after tempering. Finally, the factory is processed by blue treatment.