How to use tire cross wrench


There are many types of flywheel wrench. Among them, th […]

There are many types of flywheel wrench. Among them, the tire cross wrench is our most commonly used one. The tire cross wrench is also called the ordinary wrench. It is mainly used in ordinary life and work, and its use is relatively simple. Wrenches are mainly divided into single end wrenches, double end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, box wrenches, multi-purpose wrenches, percussion wrenches, socket wrenches, socket wrenches, torque wrenches, torque wrenches, cross wrenches, ratchet wrenches, hook wrenches.


Allen wrench, inner square wrench, manual clutch torque wrench, pipe wrench, T-wrench, three-prong wrench, crescent wrench, oil drum wrench, filter wrench, other wrenches.Torque wrenches are divided into sound wrenches, pointer wrenches, and digital display wrenches.The tire cross wrench is characterized by simple operation, low price and high labor intensity. Using method, select the corresponding wrench according to the characteristics of the fastener being fastened. Tighten, hold the end of the wrench handle with your hand, tighten it in a clockwise direction; loosen it, and turn it in a counterclockwise direction. Wrenches are processed and produced with two materials: aluminum bronze alloy and beryllium bronze alloy as the main raw materials. Products of these two materials will not produce sparks when used in flammable and explosive workplaces.Therefore, socket wrenches are also called non-sparking tools.


Due to the special materials of the products, they are widely used in various workplaces, bringing safety to our production and stability to the society. After processing the material of the wrench, the tensile strength of the beryllium bronze alloy product can reach 35 degrees or more, and the aluminum bronze alloy can reach 25 degrees or more. According to the needs of different customers, customers and friends can choose the material of the product they want. And specifications.The wrench is a special tool for tightening or loosening screws. There are three series of standard type, positive and negative threaded type, and reducing type. There are fifty-two varieties, which can meet the horizontal, vertical and oblique directions in the building structure.


The requirements of connecting steel bars with the same diameter, different diameter, and adjustable length and direction of the parts require a socket wrench for many car owners and friends when disassembling and installing car tires or spark plugs.When using a socket wrench, be sure to choose a socket that fits the nut or bolt completely. If a socket larger than the nut or bolt is used, it is easy to round the head of the nut or bolt during the rotation. When disassembling the relatively tight wheel bolts, if you put a suitable extension rod on the sleeve handle, it can increase the rotating torque and it is easier to loosen the wheel bolts. It is important to note that if you use a socket wrench handle to extend the rod when tightening the wheel bolts, remember not to use excessive force to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the bearing range of the nut or bolt, otherwise it will be easy to damage the nut or bolt.