How often is the car tire replaced? Repairman: It is best not to exceed this range!


How often is the car tire replaced? Repairman: It is be […]

How often is the car tire replaced? Repairman: It is best not to exceed this range!

Cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in our lives. Nowadays, many families already own private cars. They usually choose to drive out when they go to work or go out, so they can save us a lot of time. Very convenient. Cars have become the standard items of many families, and many people do not regard the car as a means of transportation. It is more like a member of the family, especially when the new car just bought is also very Cherish, just like your own child, I’m afraid I’ve touched it. However, after all, the car is also a machine assembled with some parts. As time goes by, some parts inside will also wear and age, so the performance will also be large. It is better to have some dangers when driving. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the vehicle, regular maintenance and maintenance is also very necessary.

We all know that when it comes to car inspections, the most important part is the engine and tires in the car. The quality of the original original tires is also very good, and the road repairs are now very flat. The asphalt road is up. If there is no gravel and glass on it, the tires are very durable, but if we climb the slope At the time, the tires of the car are very unevenly stressed. In this case, the tires on one side may be seriously worn. When we go to the repair shop for maintenance, the maintenance master will also recommend replacing the tires. How often is the car tire replaced? Repairman: It is best not to exceed this range! After all, the tire is the only part of the whole car that is in contact with the ground. The effect is very large. Once the tire has a problem, especially the phenomenon of puncture at high speed, the consequences are very serious, so we usually do maintenance and When maintaining, tires should never be ignored.

If our tires wear to a certain extent, the maintenance master will also suggest that you replace them in time, for example, when the wheel hub is worn at different stress points, it will bend. If the tires on our car are used for a long time, the pattern on the tires will be lighter at this time, so if you encounter such a situation, you must change the tires in time, otherwise there will be a lot in the process of driving. The safety hazard exists. For example, if you encounter bad weather such as rain and snow, it is very easy to slip on the road, so it is very dangerous. If the surface of the tire is stuck with some gravel, this time Don't choose to pull it out easily, otherwise it is very likely that there will be a puncture. If our tires are used for a long time, there will be some cracks. These situations also mean that you need to change the tires in time.

Here the maintenance master also gave us some suggestions. If it is the tire of a new car, because of the uneven force, it needs to be replaced after driving for 10,000 kilometers. If it is the tire of the old car, it is not necessary to wait for so long, usually It can be replaced after driving for about 5,000 kilometers. After all, the tires are also directly related. It is even more important that our life safety is not safe to drive. Therefore, in the process of driving, some details need us to pay more attention. Now everyone is paying attention. Know how long the car tires have been replaced. If you have any different opinions, please share them with the Xiaobian message.