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Designed for industrial work, Gearwrench and inch ratch […]

Designed for industrial work, Gearwrench and inch ratchet Socket sets and socket sets feature a full-polish chrome finish and a quick-release drive tool retention design. Accessories for the ¾-inch drive set include a flex-handle breaker bar sliding T-handle and inch-long extensions; a universal joint; adapters for inch and 1-inch drive sockets and sockets featuring off-corner loading technology and chamfered openings that guide fasteners into the socket.

The ExoCore sledgehammers from DeWalt employ carbon fiber composite handles for durability and overstrike protection. They are available as a 4-pound hammer with a 12-inch-long handle orpound versions with a inch handle. The ExoCore sledgehammers come with a limited lifetime warranty and retail forThis laminated six-point ratcheting box wrench with inch openings is offset at  for easier access to fasteners.

The tool’s laminated design allows dirt and debris to be easily cleaned from the ratcheting mechanism, and the broached openings provide a nonslip grip on fasteners. The fold-away design of Ken-Tool’s Stow & Go four-way lug wrench allows the wrench to be stowed in a trunk, a toolbox, or behind a seat when not in use.

The moveable arms swing and lock into the  position. Plus, the arms can be slid within the locking hub to create greater leverage when removing and tightening a lug nut. Made of high-strength tool-grade steel alloy, the 16-inch-long tool offers, and  millimeter sockets plus a ½-inch square drive adapter.