Teach you how to use a wrench


Wrench is one L type wrench of the common hardware tool […]

Wrench is one L type wrench of the common hardware tools in our family. According to its function, wrenches can be divided into electric wrenches and manual wrenches. Currently, manual wrenches are still used more frequently in our homes, even though they are tools that can be seen everywhere in our lives. , But most people may not understand its classification and use. First of all, I am talking about one of the most common and original open-end wrenches. Open-end wrenches are also called fixed wrenches. They are divided into single head and double head. The size of the opening can be adjusted according to different nut sizes, and some can be made into square, hexagonal, dodecagonal and other unadjustable groups according to the existing standard sizes. Among them, the twelve-point wrench is also called a torx wrench.


General large bending double socket wrench


It is the most commonly used by the public. Its advantage is that it can be used in a small space, has a small rotation range and a wide range of applications. It is particularly convenient to disassemble and assemble hexagon nuts or bolts in slightly recessed areas. Another common type of wrench is a socket wrench, which consists of a set of plum blossom tubes of different sizes, in which a bow-shaped handle is used for continuous rotation, which can greatly improve work efficiency and save energy. This set of wrenches is also suitable for use in small spaces. This is a ratchet wrench. Its rotation angle is very small, so it is suitable for tightening or loosening screws and nuts. There is also a disassembly and assembly method commonly used for electromechanics, namely the universal wrench. This wrench has a slender elastic rod with a handle at one end and a square or hexagonal head at the other end.


The replaceable sleeve is mounted on the square or hexagonal head to be clamped. There is also a long pointer at the top. The scale is fixed on the base of the handle, and the scale value of each grid is 1 Newton (or kg/m). Therefore, when a certain tightening force is required during operation, or when several nuts (or screws) need the same tightening force, please use this wrench. Colleagues are also used to disassemble and assemble large nuts, for example, ordinary electricians use it to load and unload steel structures (such as iron towers). There are many other common wrenches, such as adjustable wrenches, also called adjustable wrenches, which are tools used to tighten or loosen angled screws or nuts.


When using, please grasp the handle with your right hand. The farther back the hand, the easier the pull. When pulling the small nut, because you need to constantly rotate the worm wheel to adjust the size of the wrench, you should put your hand close to the lip of the idler wheel, and then use your thumb to adjust the worm wheel to fit the nut. There are too many types of wrenches to illustrate examples one by one. It is best to consider the scope of application when choosing a wrench, so that you can more appropriately choose the appropriate type and model, which not only saves your energy, but also improves work efficiency. . Finally, I want to remind you that people often use wrenches as hammers in their lives. This will severely damage the tool. Improper operation can also deform the wrench. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right tool according to different tasks. work method.