The role of socket wrench


This universal sleeve is made of chrome-vanadium alloy […]

This universal sleeve is made of chrome-vanadium alloy steel, which is extremely strong. Its maximum torque is 1000 kg, and those seemingly difficult screws can be easily conquered by it. The reason why it can twist screws of almost any specification is mainly because of the telescopic steel rod in the sleeve. When the sleeve covers the screw, the steel rod that first contacts the screw will shrink inside the sleeve, and the surrounding steel rods will fix the screw.

You may be worried about whether the screw will slide when you screw it. After all, there are cylindrical steel bars with no edges or corners inside.

In fact, this can be assured, because the barrel wall of the sleeve is designed with a very unique rifling, and the problem of loose and sliding steel rods, everyone does not need to worry about it.

Of course, such a universal socket can naturally be used with other tools, such as electric drills and wrenches. This universal socket has a matching wrench, which is fixed on the wrench, which is more convenient and labor-saving.

Surprisingly, there are left and right settings on the Socket sets, which makes it very convenient for us to screw in and out.

In addition to the matching wrench, it also has an adapter that can be connected to electric tools such as electric drills. With this adapter, it is more convenient and labor-saving after plugging in the electric drill.