There's three ways to ‘tighten' longboard trucks such that they turn less


There's three ways to ‘tighten' longboard trucks such t […]

There's three ways to ‘tighten' longboard trucks such that they turn less, are more stable, or react more correctly for the given mass/weight/strength of the Skater ising them. The first is rawly mechanical: a 9/16″ socket wrench ( righty=tighty, ie turn the wrench clockwise). This works 95% of the time; doesn't the 5% of the time you're simply crushing worn out bushings and turning them into eraser crumbs. Doing THAT is Bad, Very Bad. Oh, wait, ‘Bushings'! He noted those bouncy (well, hopefully bouncy) little donuts that fit on the kingpin and support the hanger/axle? Yes I did! Glad you caught that. This IS THE KEY TO TURN PERFORMANCE ON SK8 BOARD TRUCKS, regardless of what Thrasher has brainwashed yaa’ll for 30 years now.. Get stifffer, and/or Wider , but FRESH, as in ‘Farm Fresh’ choice bits of urethane that fit your trucks. This Will stabilize the truck IF….{drumbeat synch inserted) your New bushings are wider, and or of a stiffer durometer (hardness, on an ‘A'-shore scale of stiffness for plastics/rubber) rating than the Orange tall conical Indy that came with that fine hunk of Chinese metalurgy you call a ‘longboard' truck. Take note of how Tracker dealt with this on their Fast-track RKP truck. Or, note how Venom followed my posts from 24 years ago about Fatter Stimulator bushins, and created a whole line-up of tailor-made Downhill bushings that're FAT. It's not theory, big bushings Work! 3rd means doesn't actually ‘stiffen’ the truck, but uses (Eek, Gasp, NOOO-not-that! 😉 Logic and geometry to Reduce Steering input. Wedged riser pads. Put them in fat-end -out, and the board now takes a much longer line in a turn. RKP trucks often have 1, 2 , rarely 3 or 4 different “angle” of baseplate, intended to be mounted flat and usually without a riser. If the truck is a ‘50*’, it'll turn sharper than a ‘40*’, and an angle of ‘30*’ will make you Wish it would turn… Got that? Cool, because there's trucks out there using Pete's little idea of Variable Angle Adjustment, which let skaters believe they can think and visualize turn-rates, and then “set up” their boards to turn like they want them to. Peter Verdone is Crazy ,,, um, Smart. Having seen all these things transpire in Sk8ing since 1971, it's absolutely Scary to see Wal-mart sell “longboards” with soft plastic trucks and wheels that aren't Round. Pick Your fix wisely. “PSR”