Things to note when inspecting the toolbox


This is going to be his second Perforated Wrench year w […]

This is going to be his second Perforated Wrench year with Trek after working with Giant's factory team the year before.With every mechanic come the tools of the trade. In addition to managing getting bikes and parts from race to race, most mechanics bring their own kit of tools with them as well. Having the proper tool where you need it when you need it is as critical for a mechanic, especially when changes need to be quickly made and fractions of a second can make the difference between a spot on the podium or not.

I started working at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop when I was 14 years old. It was part of a school project when I started "interning" there. I was on the sales floor for a year, then my mentor in the bike world decided to start teaching me how to build bikes properly. After that, I never looked back to the sales side. Once I graduated high school and had a short cycling industry hiatus in LA, I moved to Moab, Utah, where I really learned how to work on true mountain bikes at Poison Spider Bike Shop.

As one of the youngest mechanics on the World Cup circuit, Grant has proven that he has the talent and composed demeanor required to work with the top racers in the world. We had the chance to catch up and chat about racing, life, and his latest competition toolbox build out. Check it out below.My hometown is Austin, Texas, but currently I live in Northern California. I travel with and work for Trek Factory Racing DH as Charlie Harrison's mechanic.A World Cup mechanic has to be so dialed in because of the great influence we can have on the performance of our riders.

The bike has to be dialed, that's a given. But the confidence you need to portray to your rider is massive. With so many guys out there having the ability to be one of the top riders of the day, a rider must have a strong mental state. Being dialed in with your workspace, with the organization for the top of the hill, and just with having a calm demeanor can help your rider tremendously. It's when they feel comfortable with all the preparation that both they and their mechanic have done, that they're truly able to race no holds barred.