What are the advantages of tire cross wrenches


General tool manufacturers will flywheel wrench configu […]

General tool manufacturers will flywheel wrench configure the three numbers 17 19 21, and some will be more flexible to design a square drive head with a diameter of 12.5mm on the fourth head. This drive head can be used with a Dafei sleeve. This cross tire wrench is more flexible to use. Use a cross tire wrench to replace the unloaded tire with the spare tire, and then use your hands to tighten the four screws. The removed tire and the spare tire are transposed, the spare tire is installed and the angle is adjusted, so that the bolt holes are aligned, and the upper bolt is installed first.


Mirror folding cross tyre wrench


Hold the tire with your hands or feet, then install the remaining bolts, and use the sleeve of the cross tire wrench to apply force to fix the tire as much as possible. Cross tire wrench is a special tool for tightening or loosening screws. With standard type, different diameter type, positive and negative thread mouth type series, 52 types, cross tire wrench can meet the same diameter, different diameter and adjustable length and direction in the horizontal, oblique, vertical and other positions in the building structure The need to connect the steel bars requires the use of socket wrenches when disassembling car tires or spark plugs.


When the vehicle has a tire puncture, you must be calm, control the direction first, park the vehicle steadily on a flat road or a place that does not affect traffic safety, turn on the hazard warning flashlight, and turn off the handbrake. Put up a safety warning sign at a distance of 50 meters from the rear of the vehicle. If it is a highway, place the warning sign 150 meters behind the vehicle. Each car is equipped with simple repair tools and spare tires. The spare tires of small cars are usually placed under the trunk floor. Most of the spare tires of SUVs are hung under the rear of the car or fixed outside the trunk door. Changing tires requires skill.


To disassemble the tire, first use a socket wrench to loosen the tire fixing bolts. When loosening these bolts, loosen them diagonally one by one. Professional Liu Song said that this is to prevent the fasteners from deforming due to uneven force. . Liu Song specially reminded that if the bolts cannot be broken by hand, they can be stepped on with their feet. Do not unscrew them, just loosen them. Because all the bolts are removed first, the tires may slip when the jack raises the vehicle. If the tire is lifted up and then the bolts are loosened, the jack will easily be damaged, because the jacks on the car are all simple.