What are the basic knowledge of four wheel alignment


What is flywheel wrench the wheel alignment of a car: T […]

What is flywheel wrench the wheel alignment of a car: The wheel alignment of a modern car refers to the wheels, suspension system components, and steering system components. The geometric angle and size installed on the frame or body must meet certain requirements to ensure the stability of the car. What are the benefits of four-wheel alignment maintenance for safety and safety, reducing car wear and fuel consumption? Increase driving safety. When going straight, the steering wheel will be straight, and the steering wheel will automatically return to the right after turning to reduce gasoline consumption. Under what circumstances do you need to perform four-wheel alignment?


King T type wrench


When driving straight to the left or right after every 10,000 kilometers or six months after driving in a straight line You need to hold the steering wheel tightly. When you go straight, the steering wheel does not feel that the body will float or sway. The front or rear wheels will wear out. After the tire cross wrench is installed with new tires, the new car will be toe Toe every 3000 kilometers. Looking down from above, the angle between the centerline of the tire and the longitudinal axis of the car is called the toe angle. The toe angle of the front end of the tire centerline is a positive toe angle, and vice versa is a negative toe angle. The total toe value is equal to the sum of the toe values ​​of the two wheels, that is, the angle between the axes of the two wheels.


Function Eliminate the adverse consequences caused by the camber of the wheel. The camber of the wheel causes the front wheels to open to the sides. Due to the constraint of the axle, they cannot roll away, causing the wheels to roll and slip, increasing wear and tear. The toe can make the wheel's rolling direction close to the front at every moment, reducing the pressure on the outer bearing of the wheel hub and the wear of the tire. Camber: Seen from the front of the car, the top of the car's wheel tilts inward or outward at an angle, which is called the camber of the wheel.


Under normal circumstances, the roll angle of a car is camber. It is expressed by the angle of inclination from the vertical line. If the tip is inclined outward, it is called a positive camber, and if it is inclined inward, it is called a negative camber. Role: In order to increase the safety of the car driving straight. When there is a camber angle, the deviation of the wheels during turning can be reduced, so the steering force can be reduced; in addition, due to the kingpin camber, a component force exerted on the axis is generated under the action of the vertical load, so that the wheel Press inward on the bearing to prevent the wheel from falling off.