What is the detection method of L-wrench


The L type wrench is also a kind of ratchet wrench. It […]

The L type wrench is also a kind of ratchet wrench. It is a simple and convenient tool. The L-shaped tire wrench is easier and faster than ordinary wrenches when you tighten the nuts and bolts. The bolt nut and the wrench can be connected without removing the wrench. Rotation, this function is very important in a limited space. The L-shaped wrench is an ideal hand tool. Now the L-shaped tire wrench is widely used in mechanical maintenance, power construction, railways, construction, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. In the process of using the L-type tire wrench, use the switch on the ratchet to select the direction of rotation, and then tighten the nuts and bolts.


General large bending double socket wrench


The waste products appearing in the L-wrench process are picked out by the team and inspected by the inspector for review and disposal. The inspector shall conduct sampling inspection according to the prescribed inspection items. If unqualified products are found during the sampling inspection, the inspection lot shall be returned to the team for self-inspection, and the unqualified products shall be resubmitted for inspection after the unqualified products are selected. Inspectors supervise the production process. If the blanks fail to meet the quality standard requirements, they have the right to make adjustments, and mass production can only be carried out after the adjustments are qualified.


The results of the L-type wrench surface oxide scale inspection are used for workshop process control, and are not used to determine whether the batch is qualified. If the blank has residual burrs that exceed the specified requirements, rework and use a grinding wheel to grind out the excessive burrs. A small amount of non-conforming products in other forms shall be treated as scrap. If batches of non-conforming products are in batches, they shall be disposed of after being reviewed by relevant departments. After the inspection is completed, fill in the inspection record according to the quantity. There is no doubt that a machine tool is used to process the L-type tire wrench.


However, due to the specificity of the wrench, the choice of the machine tool is also exquisite. Today, the content that the editor brings to you is about how to choose the machine tool when processing the L-shaped tire wrench. The fixed opening part is an important part in the processing of the L-type tire wrench, and it is also a more complicated part, and the processing accuracy requirements are also higher. The processing of fixed openings mainly involves the processing of planes, curved surfaces and holes. Considering the processing economy and the processing performance of the machine tool, processing centers and drilling machines are used for processing. In order to make processing convenient and save processing time, more attention should be paid to the selection of rough materials.