What is the reason for the insufficient pressure of the water pump?


When the pressure of the water pump is insufficient, th […]

When the pressure of the water pump is insufficient, there are usually reasons such as long-term non-operation, the defect of the water pump itself, the pressure relief of the pipeline and the lack of water in the pipeline.
1: Long time no operation
Micro quick pump has not been running for a long time, which causes the impeller and sealing parts to stick, causing the motor to block. Turn on the pump and confirm that it is flexible and starts.
2: Defects of the pump itself
The water pump itself is defective, and there is a dead point in the rotation, and the parts of the water pump should be disassembled and checked for damage.
3: Pipeline pressure relief
It may be that a certain part of the pipeline has a leak to cause pressure relief, which reduces the system pressure. You can close the outlet valve and check the pressure.
4: Lack of water
Insufficient water supply in the pipeline is one of the reasons for insufficient pressure. The noise of the pump can be heard when it is turned on, and the sound of gradually closing the outlet valve will gradually decrease.