What is the role of the wrench in life


Wrenches are a commonly used installation and disassemb […]

Wrenches are a commonly used installation and disassembly tool in life, used to turn zhidao bolts or nuts.There are basically two types of wrenches, dead wrenches and adjustable wrenches. The former refers to a wrench that has a fixed number written on it, also known as a dead wrench, and the latter is an adjustable wrench.

Flywheel wrench rubber handle

The opening width of the movable wrench can be adjusted within a certain range, and it is a tool for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts of different specifications. The adjustable wrench is composed of a head and a shank, and the head is composed of a movable plate lip, a rigid lip, a plate mouth, a turbine, and a shaft pin.

Dead wrenches, also known as open wrenches, are mainly divided into double-end open wrenches and single-end open wrenches. It has a wide range of functions, mainly in the fields of mechanical maintenance, equipment, household decoration, automobile repair and so on. The double-ended open spanner is a general-purpose tool, and is a hand tool necessary for assembling machine tools or spare parts as Across wrench well as transportation and agricultural machinery maintenance.
Rules for the use of open wrenches:

1. The wrench should be level with the flat surface of the bolt or nut to prevent the wrench from slipping and hurting.

2. Do not add a sleeve extension arm to the end of the wrench to prevent damage to the wrench.

3. The wrench cannot be struck with a steel hammer. The wrench is easily deformed or damaged under the right impact load.

4. Do not mix metric wrenches with imperial wrenches to avoid slipping and hurting the user.