What length is the right tire wrench


Cross tire wrench is a special tool for tightening or l […]

Cross tire wrench is a special tool for tightening or loosening screws. With standard type, different diameter type, positive and negative thread mouth type series, 52 types, cross tire wrench can meet the same diameter, different diameter and adjustable length and direction in the horizontal, oblique, vertical and other positions in the building structure The need to connect steel bars requires a socket wrench when disassembling tires or spark plugs. When using a cross tire wrench, you need to adjust the size of the cross tire wrench according to the parts that need to be tightened, and there must be no gaps. Avoid slipping or damaging parts. When using it, you need to make the opening line of the cross tire wrench parallel to the side of the nut. Do not place the cross tire wrench in the six corners and start twisting, which will damage the components.


Mirror sheathing cross type wrench


Give me a foothold and a lever that is long enough, and I can move the earth." In the usual study of levers, light levers are the main focus. Simply put, levers are not calculated. Therefore, the longer the lever, the larger the power arm can be adjusted to save effort. When considering the weight of the lever itself, the situation has changed. The principle of leverage Leverage is not that the longer the length, the more energy-saving. In real life, you need to choose a cross tire wrench with a suitable length to get started and comfortable. Generally, manufacturers will configure four models of seventeen, nineteen, twenty-one and twenty-two. Some use a square head with a diameter of 12.5 mm at the fourth head position. This drive head can be combined with a sleeve. When used, this cross tire wrench has better flexibility when used.


The wrench must be selected without rust, burrs, cracks, spots, etc.; the wrench must be symmetrical, and the laser lettering must be clear; the hardness must meet the specified standards, and the card position must be accurate. The turbine of the adjustable wrench must be flexible and the pin must not be loose. Both ends have The working end with hexagonal hole or twelve-angle hole is suitable for occasions where the working space is narrow and ordinary wrenches cannot be used. According to its structure, it can be divided into open wrenches, box wrenches, combination wrenches, socket wrenches, hook wrenches, allen wrenches, torque wrenches, and wrenches for special purposes such as percussion wrenches. Wrenches are usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel.


The surface shape of the hexagon socket wrench is L-shaped, and it is a special tool for a hexagon socket head screw; it is a hexagonal rod shape, simple and lightweight, and is specially used for turning hexagon socket screws.When using a tire cross wrench, be sure to choose a sleeve that fits the nut or bolt completely. If you use a sleeve larger than the nut or bolt, the sleeve will easily round the nut or bolt head during rotation. When disassembling tighter wheel bolts, if you put a suitable extension rod on the sleeve handle, it can increase the rotating torque and it is easier to loosen the wheel bolts. It is important to note that if you use a socket wrench handle to extend the rod when tightening the wheel bolts, remember not to use too much force to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the bearing range of the nut or bolt, otherwise the nut or bolt will be easily damaged.