What to pay attention to when using tire cross wrench


According to the principles of Across wrench physics, t […]

According to the principles of Across wrench physics, the longer the lever, the more labor-saving. In actual use, the appropriate length should be selected so that it is easy to use. However, the tire cross wrench also uses this physical principle.According to the current trend of rapid increase in automobile production, it is even more amazing to drive the production of various accessory products and tools. However, in this kind of high-volume, high-volume, and dazzling variety, the function and practicality of the products have naturally become the selection factors.


Mirror folding cross tyre wrench


At present, in addition to the larger pneumatic tools, the tire cross wrench is an important vehicle-mounted tool among the current automobile maintenance tools. Its purpose is mainly to load and unload automobile tires.General tool manufacturers will configure the three sizes  and some will be more flexible to design a square drive head with a diameter of 12.5mm on the fourth head. This drive head can be used with a large sleeve. This tire cross wrench is more flexible to use, but when using a tire cross wrench, you must choose a cross that fits the nut or bolt completely. If you use a cross larger than the nut or bolt, the cross is It is easy to round the nut or bolt head.


When disassembling relatively tight wheel bolts, if you put a suitable extension rod on the cross handle, the rotation torque can be increased, and it is easier to loosen the wheel bolts.It is important to note that if you use a cross wrench handle to extend the rod when tightening the wheel bolts, remember not to use too much force to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the bearing range of the nut or bolt, otherwise the nut or bolt will be easily damaged. Pay attention to the tightening direction of the tire screws when using a cross wrench to unload the tire. Friends who are not familiar with repairing the car by themselves often mistake the direction of the screw thread.


When using the tire labor-saving wrench, you must distinguish clearly, otherwise the screw is likely to be broken, so don't use too much force, just enough.The speed ratio of the input and output force of the labor-saving wrench is about 58:1, and the torque change is very large. If the input end is tightened too tightly, it is also likely to break or twist the slippery tire screw. Be careful not to bump the tires and labor-saving wrenches. Generally, the labor-saving wrenches are composed of planetary gears and other components. Be careful not to bump them when using them to prevent premature damage.