How to use a cross tire wrench to change tires


Use a cross tire flywheel wrench wrench to replace the […]

Use a cross tire flywheel wrench wrench to replace the unloaded tire with the spare tire, and then use your hands to tighten the four screws. The unloaded tire is replaced with the spare tire, the spare tire is installed and the angle is adjusted, the bolt holes are aligned, and the upper bolt is installed first. Use your hands or feet to support the tire, then install the remaining bolts, and use the sleeve of the cross tire wrench to apply force to fix the tire as much as possible.


High-Grade Satin Metric Y type Wrench


Cross tire wrench is a special tool for tightening or loosening screws. With standard type, different diameter type, positive and negative wire mouth series, 52 types, cross tire wrench can meet the same diameter, different diameter in the horizontal, diagonal, vertical and other positions in the building structure and can adjust the length and direction The need to connect steel bars requires socket wrenches for many car owners and friends to remove car tires or spark plugs.


When using a socket wrench, you need to choose a sleeve that completely fits the nut or bolt. If you use a sleeve that is larger than the nut or bolt, the sleeve can easily replace the nut or bolt during rotation. The head is rounded. When removing the relatively tight wheel bolts, if the sleeve is fitted with a suitable extension rod, the rotation torque of the cross tire wrench can be increased, and the wheel bolts will be loosened relatively easily.


When using a cross tire wrench, you need to adjust the size of the cross tire wrench according to the parts to be tightened, and there must be no gaps. Avoid slipping or damaging parts. During use, the opening line of the cross tire wrench needs to be parallel to the side of the nut. Do not place the cross tire wrench in the six corners and start to twist, which will damage the parts.