What is the treatment process of the wrench surface


Flywheel wrench are widely used. Do you know what its s […]

Flywheel wrench are widely used. Do you know what its surface treatment process is like? Bright Chrome: Bright like a mirror. Chromite: dull. Electrophoresis: black, bright, and under the action of external direct current, the charged particles move towards the cathode or anode in the dispersed medium force to promote the separation of substances. Phosphating: black, but with a dark gloss. When the substance is immersed in the phosphating solution, a layer of water-insoluble crystalline phosphorus is deposited on the surface of the toilet, which is the process of hydrochloric acid conversion. Gray nickel: It is a brand-new surface treatment method with strong anti-rust ability and will increase the service life of the product. There are other special-shaped wrenches such as blackened, nickel-iron alloy, pearl nickel, black nickel and titanium plated. There are many particularities in the process of processing.


High-Grade Mirror flexible tire Wrench


A little carelessness will affect the accuracy and durability of the finished product, including the processing sequence, which needs to be considered when processing the cross wrench. When implementing numerical control processing, the arrangement of the processing sequence should be considered according to the structure of the part and the condition of the blank, as well as the needs of positioning and clamping. Carry out the inner cavity adding process first, and then the outer shape processing process. For the multiple processes carried out in the same installation of the L-shaped tire wrench, the process should first be arranged with less rigid damage to the workpiece. The processing of the previous process cannot affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and the general machine tool processing processes should also be considered comprehensively.


The processes that are processed in the same positioning, clamping mode or the same tool should be connected to reduce the number of repeated positioning, tool change times and the number of press plate movements. Generally speaking, the requirements for its specifications are relatively strict, because as long as there is an error, the installation of the machine is likely to be loose, and the surface requirements are also very strict. There should be no cracks on the surface of the wrench, and there is no It can have burrs and the like, and it is best to use a straight handle for human-hand control.The current development speed of wrenches is accelerating, and the scale of production capacity is constantly expanding. With the continuous development of technology, in the process of technological reform and upgrading, the goal of fully automatic control of the cross wrench industrial production line has taken a big step forward.


Due to technological innovation, the application field of wrenches is expanding day by day, and the product structure has also been improved. optimization. As society has more and more demands for the mechanical industry, torque wrenches will be used in many ways, which also makes people pay more attention to wrenches. I believe that with the continuous development of technology, it will continue to improve and improve. For its specification units, there are two types, one is the metric system and the other is the imperial system. As for the material used in the manufacture of the dual-use wrench, it is definitely not ordinary iron block, but carbon steel or diamond. Some materials have certain rigidity when used. As far as its specifications and manufacturing standards are concerned, it is mainly the type of wrench that is knocked, and the other is the torx wrench. These two wrenches are used more in daily life. The advantage of using it is that it is not easy to break. And it is not easy to bend, the use effect is good and durable.